Felt Creations

Essentially Felt products feature hand-made felt by Maine fiber artist, Sandy Spiller. The artist utilizes one or a combination of felting methods to achieve her art.

  • Traditional Felting – produced by moistening and agitating wool fibers
  • Nuno Felting – wool fibers are worked by hand into a base of sheer fabric, also using moisture and agitation
  • Needle Felting – a dry method achieved using barbed needles to entangle wool fibers

Sandy’s art is distinguished by the colorful variety of materials used, her ability to incorporate light reflective elements into her work, and the utilization of her skill in numerous needlework traditions to produce a single “Essentially Felt” work of art.

A rural Maine lifestyle provides the artist with her source of inspiration, offering a daily window into the colors, movement and textures surrounding us.

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